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Our Mission is to sell High Quality All Natural Beef and Registered Mini Hereford Cattle.

Baja Vaca Ranch is located in Chico California.  We specialize in All Natural Beef and Registered Miniature Herefords.  Baja Vaca Beef is 100% NATURAL, which means that we use NO growth hormones, NO steroids, NO feed hormones, and NO animal by-products in the feed.  We practice sustainable agriculture and use only high quality grass, alfalfa hay and all natural farming byproducts.  Our farming resources provide us with top quality ingredients like sunflower seeds, beans, corn and organic almond hulls which provide a balanced feed for our animals.  We grow our own feed and we know exactly where it comes from!

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One of our steers enjoying his grazing lands.
 Mini Cattle are designed to be efficient,  they require less space, less feed intake and leave a smaller footprint on the land.  The steak sizes are a correct portion size, not jumbo sized.  Plus they are very docile and friendly!

Here Miss Rachel gives Payton kisses. 

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